All tourism is imperialist, which doesn’t bode well for the post-graduation holiday I’ve booked this summer


Sustainable Development BA, University of St Andrews.

"Playing out postcolonial predicaments: representations of indigeneity and the colonial space in ecotourism marketing"

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Professors Love Answering Cold Emails from White Dudes, "Meh" on Everyone Else→





Two more kickers: “There’s absolutely no benefit seen when women reach out to female faculty, nor do we see benefits from black students reaching out to black faculty or Hispanic students reaching out to Hispanic faculty,” and, “In business academia, we see a 25 percentage point gap in the response rate to Caucasian males vs. women and minorities.” Word, this sounds great, we’re doing great. [NPR]

But white male privilege doesn’t exist?

And then there’s this:

Milkman found there were very large disparities between academic departments and between schools. Faculty at private schools were significantly more likely to discriminate against women and minorities than faculty at public schools. And faculty in fields that were very lucrative were also more likely to discriminate. So there was very little discrimination in the humanities. There was more discrimination among faculty at the natural sciences. And there was a lot of discrimination among the faculty at business schools.

Uh-huh tell me again how science and money are ideologically neutral.


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59 pages submitted. (To one department at least). So it goes.

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Frida chair by La Tapicera


Frida chair by La Tapicera

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If historians start paying attention to women, men in power get wicked nervous: Mormon edition.


Religious Studies, University of Chicago

"No Man Knows My History: Strategy and Authority in Mormon Women’s History"


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The Joy of Not Being Sold Anything:
An anti-consumerist love story


The Joy of Not Being Sold Anything:

An anti-consumerist love story

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  • Other girls: Starbucks, iPhone, boy bands, Uggs and yoga pants, John Green, endless drama over boys
  • Me: impeccable waistcoat, Federalist Papers, loose constructionist, endless drama w/ Aaron Burr, I am Alexander Hamilton
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